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May 14, 2007


Kal Barteski

THANKS BONNIE. We switched Crash to this recipe you gave us - about 2 weeks ago now. HE IS A WHOLE NEW DOG. He has a nicer coat. He has WAY more energy and spunk. Making the food was WAY easier than I thought and he's gone from being a picky and slow eater to a FULL ON EATER.

Thanks for the tips and the recipe. I look forward to more and I feel so much better about feeding him something healthy and safe.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.


My family and I are very concerned with all these recalls, that every single thing we feed our dog, we look closely at the ingredients. We try not to buy anything with wheat or rice gluten and try to purchase organic products if any are available. We have even gone as far as to making our dog home made food (he sure loves Meatloaf and mashed potatoes!).

This scare has even gone as far as getting myself to eat better, more natural and organic products!

Our dog is enjoying the new foods he is getting (with exception to Spinach... not to fun in the cleanup department) and looks forward to trying something new. He loves his fruits and veggies and is always trying to mooch off his human companions.

Shayla Vokey

it's really good to know about what is toxic to the pooches. i have fed them grapes before not knowing, although they didn't want to eat them! i think that i am going to try to make a big batch of food for them this weekend, thanks so much for the recipe!


What is the best way to reheat the food from the freezer?
Thanks so much for the recipes!



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