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May 03, 2007


Kal Barteski

Your blog is looking GREAT! Now, get posting - I can't believe how much there is out there that people don't know. We need you Bonnie!

Ryan and Karen

Your product is wonderful. In light of all the recent press concerning the tainted pet food (over 100 large retail brands), it is especially comforting to know that your product is "human-grade" and is actually made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives in a commercial bakery along-side bread and pastries and other sweets people love. Fitting too... 'cause we certainly LOVE our pets and since we only feed them your product, they certainly are LUCKY DOGS!

Shayla Vokey

Hey Bonnie!
Looking forward to all the info you can provide us on here.
When is the photo contest?
Have a great day!



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