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July 31, 2007


Kal Barteski

Hey Mavis - our vet said that the heat is particularly dangerous for boxers like Crash. They have no insulation to keep them cool and he's had a lot of trouble breathing, overheating and dehydrating because he's has no hair on the underside and only his tongue to "sweat it out".


thanks for the info!


Hi Kal,

There are the two schools of thought. One that the longer fur provides a barrier of air as insulation that actually keeps dogs cooler. This is what I learned in my Vet Tech courses. There is however another argument that heat travels from spaces of high heat to areas of lesser heat and a barrier of air under the hair is likely to be a higher temperature than the outside of the body, and therefore does not provide insulation. I'm not sure there is a definitive answer, except that shaving your dog all over is not necessarily the right choice.


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