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July 19, 2007


Debbie Strange

hi guys: We're so glad that Calvin is OK. Hope all is going well out there in lotus-land. We're really enjoying the blog, but it's not the same as having you here!

p.s. haven't got around to sending your Mom the Cash pix yet, but they will arrive at some point! (extra hugs and kisses to our little angel-boy nephew)

Kal Barteski

Bad dog!! He's lucky he's so cute. We miss those guys - AND YOU!

I want to know if you can make cat food. AND I want to know if you can give Lucky Dog treats to cats. Can ya?

Shayla Vokey

oooooohh! the stupid garbage can!
stella is obsessed with it.
she will try to go in it even if we are standing right beside her!
we're thinking of getting a under the sink one to help.
for now we always leave something heavy on the top when we are not around.
we know when she has been in it when we are not home either. as soon as we walk in the door, she hides from us and keeps her head down. nothing else is wrong in the house, so i assume she tried to get into the garbage and she still feels guilty!!
good luck!

Garbage Can Dan

have you ever head of mint-x trash bags? they are EPA registered to keep mice and rodents out of your garbage, but i'm not sure if it would work for a dog. worth a shot though.

check it out for your self: http://www.mint-x.com/



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