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August 30, 2007



Hi, here via Kal's blog. I was wondering how this would work if I switched from dry food to moist food? Are there any digestion problems to forsee? My cats are on Science Diet and this recipe looks interesting. They get a treat of salmon or tuna when we cook it but otherwise, it stays the same. Thanks for helping!


Hey there. Also here via Kal's blog. Oh that Kal. Anywho, I'm pumped about this recipe! My cat eats anything and will have no problem switching (although I will still introduce it slowly). How many days will that recipe be good for 1 cat? (He's 12-15 lbs. Yup. A fatty. But don't tell him that, he's got a complex.)

Kal Barteski

Bonnie - this was an awesome post. I LOVED your pictures. I LOVE that you're camera is totally working for you and you are using it. NICE.

Can you tell me if there is anything dangerous or special about BEETS? We put beets in Crash's dogfood and his coat was the softest it has ever been (and his bright pink poop was easy to find!). Until out beets ran out. Was it okay to add beets? What's the magic relationship with beets and coats?


Is it okay to buy chicken with the bone in, for my cats, and grind it into the food, for calcium?



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