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October 09, 2007


Utah Carpet Cleaning

Best way to clean a spill out of carpet.....take a napkin, paper towel..place it over the stain, then get a iron plug it up till its hotter, and place it on the napkin, which is covering the stain, and the steamed iron will iron the stain onto the napkin. do this until the stain is completely erased from the carpet. i do it all the time it works like magic.


Oh! I love my Norwex mop too! The dry pad picks up everything fuzzy and hairy off your floor, and the wet pad gets the whole floor sparkling clean and 99% bacteria-free. The pads go in the washer and dryer.




It's as if that tiny spec of dirt is too heavy for his delicate hair follicles and the hair is torn from his body upon contact.


I don't believe our neighbourhood rabbit has heard of that theory before.


I don't believe our neighbourhood rabbit has heard of that theory before.

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