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February 18, 2008



my most embarrassing dog moment (or lucy's) was when i bought her leg bones from safeway that were sliced way too thinly - picture a flat donut - so that she actually got the bone stuck on her lower jaw. she freaked out, then i freaked out.

when we got the vet, they just laughed. apparently it wasn't the first time they'd seen this. they did have to put her under while they sawed it off. cha-ching!

i wish i had the presence of mind to take a photo.....she looked like a dog descendant of one of those african tribes that put rings in strange places...


I'll add mine so long as it's just between us, OK. ;)

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was sitting in my recliner thinking about taking a snooze. Mackenzie, my female Golden, was whining to join me so I put her on my lap and went horizontal. She stretched out with her head on my chest and we napped for an hour or so. It was a nice...one of those moments that you'll always remember. That is until she started to heave.

I'm horizontal mind you, and she starts heaving with her head on my chest. I had seen this before and knew what was about to happen. Trouble was, I couldn't do much about it. I was worried that, if I moved her, she would launch her...previously eaten food...in the basket with the magazines (to my right) or inside the chair itself (to my left) as I'm constantly loosing change in there. Anyway, I decided to stretch my shirt out as if I was a fireman waiting for someone to jump from four floors above. Well, Mackenzie hit the target and threw-up right on my shirt. Let's just say that concluded our nap...

I'll admit my wife and I were laughing pretty hard about the whole thing. Actually, I'm chuckling just writing this!

And no, we haven't napped in the recliner since...she's gotten way too big!

Wags - Chris

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