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March 03, 2008



I have got a food question; maybe someone can help me out.

Since February we would give Koda what we call "big guy cookies" - basically they're store bought oatmeal cookies, nothing else in them or so we thought.

He didn't get them every day, just as a treat maybe two or three times a week. It wasn't until recently when I went to give him once I spied a raisin in it. A tiny piece of a raisin. We've always looked at the cookies to make sure there was no raisins in them because on the package it just says "Oatmeal" not "Oatmeal and Raisin" cookies.

So my parents went out today and bought a new bag and I checked the ingredients... way down on the list is raisins. Now, I checked out the cookies again and there's barely any pieces in them, maybe one tiny piece per cookie.

I know raisins can be toxic to dogs, but how much? Koda is approximately 65lbs and he didn't eat a whole bunch of cookies at one time.

I feel so horrible; as a good pet owner we should have checked. We're taking him to the vet next month for his annual shots so I am going to get the doc to get a blood test.

How long after they eat raisins, or even tiny amounts do they get sick? I heard they stop eating after a while, but he's eating normally one meal every day and he is playing fine, and going to the bathroom fine.

Am I just freaking out or should I have some concern?

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