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September 09, 2008


Kal Barteski

Great post. GREAT adoption. I read about the Woodlands mill and was OUTRAGED. Completely outraged.

So good to see the good people in the world. Like Brenda. And you.

Shayla Vokey

I was in the store the other day and got to meet jamie and sadie, i didn't see stanley :(.

I would love to say how much I love the idea of selling Lucky Dog Treats in bulk! And how impressed I was to receive them in a reusable biodegradeable doggy bag!

I would also like to request that you sell more frozen Lucky Dog! I loved the idea of being able to make whatever shapes I fancied, and it made my house smell so good!

Trudy Mitchell

I am hoping you can help me! I have an 16 tr old black Lab and a 8 yr old Jack Russel, i have worked VERY hard to train the Jack as I'm sure your well aware of their stubborness! I love them both to pieces and I walk my dogs EVERY day and play with them.As people would tell you, I am a very good dog owner. I have housed and nurtured stray dogs and very abused dogs back to health ( my dogs have allowed me to do this) then found them loving homes.I have in my care a Labradoodle with his papers and the whole deal, he is 6 mnths old and has been amazingly trained and is very smart! He is also VERY BIG! He needs to be neutered, my question to you is if I'm going to find this guy a forever home should I get him fixed first?

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My heart melts upon reading your post about this dog. You have a kind heart and may you be blessed by your good deeds.Glad to hear abut the good conditions these dogs today. ;-D

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I will have an album up soon, once I go through all the pictures! If anyone else took photos, please send them our way and we'll put them in the album!

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Great to hear that there still good samaritans that would really take good care of the welfare of the animals, especially the dogs.Great stories here. It saddened me knowing that there were people who really were cruel to them.

Running Barefoot

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What happened to her eyes? sadie is lucky to have a person like Brenda to take care of her....
Gillette Shavers thanks

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