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December 12, 2008


Audra Lesosky

Hi - My friend Libby just adopted one of the Labradoodle rescues.

Curious about the horrible story I did some online research and in clicking about, stumbled on this ad on Kijiji which literally screams puppy mill:

Labradoodle pups - MUST SELL $100
Price: $100.00

Address: Winnipeg, MB View map
Date Listed: 06-Jan-09

GOING TO BE IN SELKIRK AND WINNIPEG MCPHILLIPS AREA WITH THE LITTER TOMORROW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET THEM . NEED TO FIND THESE CUTIES HOMES! WE BRED OUR STANDARD TO A LAB SHE HAD 8 PUPPIES WE LIVE OUTSIDE THE CITY SO ITS HARD FOR PEOPLE TO COME OUT TO SEE THEM! we have 4 pups left, people commit then decide its to far to drive for people to view. We need to place them as I am going back to work full time on MONDAY!! These pups are well cared for and very lovable If you are looking for a LABRADOODLE you will not find one at this price They are wonderful dogs great family pets!! These ones love children!! They are wonderful pups! We are looking for good homes for them.

What do you think? Seems like a pretty flimsy cover story. Am tempted to follow up and meet the person to assess the situation. Anyone have any advice about what I'd need to look for and what I'd need to find out to get an investigation going?

Audra Lesosky

Puppies in Arizona

This is a great sharing, thanks Bonnie. It's obvious that the people who breeds the dogs generally called as the breeders. But this is not right. I agree with you. Hope for some more good stuff bonnie.

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sidebar---there's a terrific new piece of fiction that covers the vivid shutdown of a realistic puppy mill. go to the author's site for info: caseyoryan.com

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Foster homes for canines is a great idea, but in reality doesn't quite always work out.


Does anyone know anything about Miracle Ranch and their puppies? I was going to purchase a puppy but I Don't see any certification for breeding. They sell Labradoodle puppies F1b. What are these puppies worth...should they come with papers?

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