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Name: Charlotte (Charlie, Boogie, Booger)

Charlotte can be found on the couch most days, curled into a dogball or stretched out as long as she can get so no cats try to encroach on her. If she had her choice she'd be an indoor dog only, and as it is she refuses to go out when Mother Nature is playing mean tricks on her (rain, snow, wind, dark, you get the idea). Charlotte eschews all leash walking unless it leads her into a car to go for a ride.

My husband and I adopted Charlotte from the Humane Society in December of 2000. She was 10 weeks old. We'd been looking for months for just the right dog and as soon as we laid eyes on her we knew. In the visitation room Charlotte immediately climbed into my lap and went to sleep, absolutely secure.

She begrudgingly shares the home with six cat sisters and a cat brother, and accepts that her mom's other favorite animals are rats. In fact, don't tell anyone, but when there are no cats around, she actually likes the rats. She has developed a game she plays with some of them, and all parties enjoy it.

Charlotte is absolutely the most affectionate, devoted dog I've ever had the privilege to live with. She is completely devoted to me (my husband's ok too.. but he's no MOM) and when I am sick or when I was recovering from surgery last spring, she won't leave my side. She sleeps under the covers in bed with us, and she will absolutely not budge from the bed until I get up. Even then, sometimes she holds out hope that I'll come back and refuses to get up anyway.

Charlotte's been my best and closest friend for seven years, and I hope to have many more with such a special girl.