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Hi! I’m Bubbies the good witch. I did this photo shoot yesterday and mommy thought it was going great until I realized I could eat the candy corn. They got stuck in my teeth and my mommy would have to wait until I stopped chewing to try to get another photo and then I would sneak another one. She finally got some good photos of me. My mommy loves to dress me up and take pictures. My human sister who just left for college tells all her friends I have more clothes than her. I’m now the only child in the house now and I love it. I get all the hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy.

I am a two year old miniature dachshund. I love to go to my human sister’s college cross country meets and I have a uniform to wear that looks just like hers. The school mascot is a bear so mommy tells everyone I’m the teams bear dog. I have my own section of the closet with all my dresses, pj’s, coats, collars and leashes hanging on cute little hangers. I love to snuggle in bed against my mommy’s tummy. I have a kitty sister named Bootsie and a doggy sister named Maggie and then my human sister named Miranda.