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Max the wonder dog........because we wonder what he is!!! My husband and children lobbied hard for a dog. I wasn't anti dog it's just I wasn't really wanting one.
After some research by my husband, he came up with a schnoodle.

Well, from the second I picked him up, at 2.2 pounds, I knew he wasn't a schnoodle!!!! He was the last of the litter and no one wanted him.Well, that sealed the deal for me.

Five years later, guess who is my best friend?!!!! He is my constant companion, he loves me unconditionally and the feeling is mutual.
He now weighs 12 pounds, is faster than fast. He loves to run,jump and play. He is funny and sweet and, he is my friend.

He is one lucky dog. But more importantly, I am one lucky human being, to have the privledge of having Max in my life.