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Here is one of my favourite pictures of our dog, Rübn! People are always amazed at how gentle this 90+ lb. dog can be - I always say he never meant to get that big because he loves to lay on your lap & sleep right beside you. He is often referred to as "the pony". I like this particular picture because it shows off his eyes that look like he has eyeliner on. He loves having his picture taken - he looks right into the camera & is VERY photogenic (I'm biased, but he is!)

Rübn is 3 years old, but still acts like a puppy - I think that's just his personality & it's just fine with me!

Rübn really likes his 'mom & dad' - my husband Geoff & I - & hates to be in any place where he can't be right next to us. Another endearing quality.

We also have a cat, Neko, who weighs about 11 lbs. Most visitors are initially scared of Rübn, but once they're here for 5 minutes they realize it's actually Neko they need to be afraid of.

COOL contest.